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Since its establishment, the sales volume of doctoral students has maintained a continuous growth. At present, the number of offline physical stores of doctoral students has grown to 1,000+,covering 300+ cities, and they are involved in the formulation of new standards for children's study tables.

HG Wang


Wang Honggui, male, born in Dazhou, Sichuan Province, is the founder of Youcheng Group. Now he is the chairman of Doctor Youcheng Group, the vice president of Dazhou Chamber of Commerce in Sichuan, Guangdong Province, the vice president of Shenzhen Ergonomics Application Association, the vice president of Dongguan Fenggang Promotion Association, the executive vice president of Shenzhen Education Equipment Association, and the executive vice president of Dongguan Fenggang E-commerce Association.



















  • < b > innovation year < /b > < br/> In March, at the 36th Shenzhen International Furniture Fair, Dr. Youcheng won the Shenzhen Standard Certification Certificate. < br/> in may, Dr. youcheng JD.COM Nanning flagship store was officially launched. < br/> In June, the foundation stone of Huizhou Smart Industrial Park was laid. < br/> July: The 21st Shanghai CBME Baby Show won the 2021 Innovation Star as a finalist brand. < br/> August: won the standing director unit of Dongguan Quality Association. < br/> September: won the "five-star brand certification" certificate. < br/> November: won: "2021 Top Ten Children's Table and Chair Brands Trusted by Consumers" sponsored by Sina Home < br/> December: Won the bronze award of Dongguan Cup International Industrial Design Competition and the Xinyue Enterprise of Furniture Quality Control.
  • < b > pragmatic year < /b > < br/> January: the doctor has passed ISO9001 certification and established systematic quality control standards. < br/> June: The third largest production base, Huizhou City, was officially launched. < br/> October: short-listed as the "leader" of enterprise standards in Guangdong Province. < br/> November: "Doctor" series of electric products went on the market. < br/> December: it won the qualification of "Guangdong Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise". < br/> December: Dr. Youcheng was selected as the director unit of Fenggang Industry Development Promotion Association in 2020. < br/> December: Doctor Youcheng won the title of "Excellent Products Made in Dongguan".
  • < b > the year of reform < /b > < br/> in April, the swearing-in meeting of "100-day quality" was held to control the source of quality and stabilize the quality foundation. < br/> in may, the school furniture project was started, and the multi-functional study desk was stationed in the campus. < br/> in June, Dr. Youcheng officially launched the "612 Three Defense Learning Fund" project. The strong young people make the country strong, which supports and encourages the development of outstanding young children. < br/> in July, the organization system was reorganized, and the strategic consensus team held the "Zunyi Conference" with successful doctors in Shenzhen unforgettable restaurant. < br/> September: Shenzhen Xinhaichuan Furniture Co., Ltd. was renamed Shenzhen Boshi Youcheng Technology Co., Ltd. < br/> October: Hand in hand with Sha Yi and Hu Ke to open a new era of "Star Age" communication. < br/> November: it won the evaluation of "information and industrialization integration management system", which indicates that the doctoral degree has already started information management. < br/> December: it won the "National High-tech Enterprise". < br/> December: Guangdong Youcheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. built its own industrial park in industrial and commercial registration, Huizhou.
  • < b > honorary year < /b > < br/> June: it won the contract-abiding and credit-worthy enterprise of Guangdong Province, and it has been continuously recognized every subsequent year. < br/> June: it won the certification of Shenzhen Ergonomics Application Association, and has been continuously recognized every subsequent year. < br/> August: awarded Fenggang Town Multiplication Enterprise and Dongguan Collaborative Multiplication Enterprise.
  • < b > years of wisdom < /b > < br/> in may, in conjunction with Shenzhen professional team, the doctor developed an exclusive ERP system to realize the company's digital intelligent management. < br/> in June, the advertisement was put on CCTV TV station, which indicated that the doctor had achieved a new level of brand communication. < br/> in June, the second largest production base in Dongguan was officially put into production, with standardized production management system and strict quality control, and the annual output value was greatly increased. < br/> September: The series of "three-proof and upright posture" learning tables was officially launched, creating the core competitiveness of "three-proof and upright posture" learning tables.
  • < b > expansion year < /b > < br/> May: the first doctor's degree store in Vietnam was opened; The annual turnover of overseas markets reaches 5 million yuan.
  • < b > year of gratitude < /b > < br/> September: Yingcai Primary School visits for study, and different schools are arranged to visit each year to learn eye protection knowledge. < br/> November: Start the annual donation activity, fulfill the social responsibility, and donate desks and chairs and children's daily necessities to schools in poverty-stricken areas. < br/> December: Shenzhen Honglifang Technology Co., Ltd. was established, focusing on the new brand of study desk.
  • < b > year of subversion < /b > < br/> in January, the PhD successful business school was formally established. < br/> April: industrial and commercial registration of Dongguan Doctor Youcheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., the marketing team was formally established with 13 members. < br/> in may, the doctor was registered with a successful trademark. < br/> May: industrial and commercial registration, Huizhou Xinhaichuan Furniture Co., Ltd. < br/> June: Doctor Youcheng Tmall flagship store was formally established, opening a new era of e-commerce.
  • < b > breakthrough year < /b>
    January: The second generation of full-range product line was born for the doctor. March: Dr. Succeeded in Shenzhen Furniture Exhibition and won the "Excellent Product Award". March: Combine professional institutions, introduce high-tech personnel, and upgrade the brand in an all-round way. May: Doctor's hand-operated, hydraulic, and lock-locked study desks were mass-produced and listed. December: Dr. Youcheng has 500+ stores nationwide.
  • < b > as a year < /b>
    May: The first steel-wood structure study desk was born for the doctor. August: The first pneumatic desk and chair was born for the doctor. December: Doctoral study desks cover more than 80 cities in China.
  • < b > safety year < /b > < br/> March: the safety committee was established, and since then, regular safety training exercises have been organized. < br/> May: Shenzhen Xinhaichuan Furniture Co., Ltd. was established in Longgang, Shenzhen. < br/> September: the factory was upgraded and a large number of new machinery and equipment were introduced.
  • < b > sailing year < /b > < br/> March: the first hand-operated lifting learning desk was born. < br/> April: Dongguan Doctor Youcheng Furniture Co., Ltd. completed the industrial and commercial registration, and Doctor Youcheng brand officially set sail. < br/> July: The multifunctional bookshelf was born. < br/> December: the first hydraulic lifting learning desk was born, with more than 100 stores.
  • < b > turning year < /b > < br/> In May, the R&D center was formally established, and the first plate-type posture correction learning table was independently developed and put on the market. < br/> June: The first exclusive store officially opened in Shenzhen Red Star Macalline. < br/> December: Doctoral study desks cover 15 cities in China, with 50 stores.
  • < b > opportunity year < /b>
    In June, it officially started the development of foreign customers and docked foreign OEM orders. < br/> In December, I went on a study tour in Japan, and I first met the first generation of plate-type health learning table.
  • < b > in December of the implementation year < br/>, old customers were stabilized and new customers were developed, and big domestic customers basically took shape and developed steadily.
  • < b > in November of the preparatory year < br/>, we moved the factory to Xiumuqiao Village, Fenggang, Dongguan, and continued to work as OEM.
  • < b > New Year < br/> In February, Dongguan Tianhao Furniture Co., Ltd. was established in Xinxing Village, Fenggang, Dongguan, with a workshop of more than 2,200 square meters, and began to make OEM orders.
  • Brand story

    Starting Point

    Here, children draw the first rainbow< br/> Here, write the first tender stroke< br/> Here, solve the first problem< br/> Here, find the most important direction of life...
    What will happen to the child in the future? We're not sure< br/> But we can be sure that we can give children a good starting point< br/> Standing straight, walking straight and sitting upright, children will be more open in the future< br/> "Dr. Youcheng" was born out of this mission.


    Mr. wanghonggui, the founder of Dr. Youcheng, was born in an ordinary rural family in Sichuan. When he was a child, it was a luxury for him to have his own study desk at home to concentrate on reading and learning.
    "if I can go back to the past, I hope I have a set of study tables. Now as a father, I want to make a set of study tables for my child. I hope he can stand tall and be a upright person in the future." < br / > in May 2008, looking at his slightly curved back, with such a desire, Mr. Wang Honggui founded Dr. Youcheng, the first real domestic learning desk and chair brand.


    Wang Honggui has been engaged in the furniture industry for more than 20 years, providing first-class production services for dozens of well-known brands and winning unanimous praise from insiders. With the rise of his career, as a father, he realized that he had been busy with his career for many years but neglected the growth of his children< Br/> whenever he sees a child studying at his desk, his askew sitting posture makes him worried about the growth and development of the child, "how can he sell his own products to consumers without worrying about their children's use?"< Br/> he decided to develop a set of desks suitable for children's learning, with the healthy growth of children.
    due to this responsibility and persistence, he strictly controlled every link of production and production, and looked for experts to explore the scientific theory of children's development.
    finally developed the "Three Prevention posture learning system", hoping to effectively protect the eyesight and spine health of teenagers, so that every child can grow up healthily< Br/> hope for success is the common expectation of parents all over the world for their children to become talents. For this reason, he founded the "doctor's success" and established the "doctor's success foundation", and allocated special funds every year to help students all over the world achieve their doctor's dream!

    Brand culture

    Enterprise vision

    Build a leading brand of intelligent equipment for youth and children education

    Honest and trustworthy
    Thanksgiving feedback
    Innovation and win-win cooperation.

    Enterprise mission

    Lead the progress of the industry and intelligently create a better future!

    Brand advantage

  • Honesty, gratitude, innovation and win-win results
  • Sincerity  | Integrity management, reputation first
  • Gratitude  | Move customers and benefit the society
  • Innovate  | Develop and innovate, keep improving
  • win-win  | Create and build together, win-win and share


  • High tech enterprise
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  • Contemporary good design
  • Caring enterprise
  • Supervisory unit of Fenggang Town Industrial Development Promotion Association
  • Member of Shenzhen Ergonomics Association
  • Bsuc trademark
  • Five star brand
  • Shenzhen standard certificate
  • A study table lifting mechanism
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