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Plastic desk with lunch break chair
Plastic desk with lunch break chair
Plastic desk with lunch break chair
School lunch break chair

Plastic desk with lunch break chair

Product attributes

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    Plastic steel desk+lunch break chair
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    be motivated by hand
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Product features

The doctor has a plastic-steel desk with a lunch break chair, which perfectly solves the advantage that children can lie down for lunch break.

Product brochure

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Product details

Shi Youcheng's new plastic-steel lunch break desk and chair was born to solve the problem that children can lie down for lunch break!


The panel is designed with mortise and tenon structure of 20-degree oblique angle, and the whole panel is composed of three parts, such as panel, table bucket and foot stand. The structure is simple, the durability is improved, and the later maintenance is simpler and more convenient.


Eight mortise and tenon structures with inclined angles on the desktop are designed to prevent the panel from falling off.


The R50mm inside the chair leg and the arc groove in the middle of the inner r reinforce the strength of the table leg, which makes the product more durable and the horizontal angle is ≥70 degrees.塑钢课桌桌斗



The mechanical lifting adjustment mechanism with hidden inside is adopted, the hexagonal transmission rod wire is built under the cushion, and the vertical distance from the center of the hexagonal transmission rod to the highest point of the seat surface is no more than 70mm, so as to avoid potential safety hazards; Both sides of the desk can be lifted by hand.


foot stool

The slideway joint between the bucket and the tripod adopts plastic-steel seamless connection, and there are no external sliding sleeves and other fixing parts, so as to reduce the situation of external parts falling off and improve the overall firmness.


The bucket is seamlessly connected with the stand.
The adjusting handle is made of environmentally-friendly ABS material, which has high strength and long durability, and adopts the design of concave pipe sleeve, which reduces the convex parts and increases the use safety. The design adopts the drop-shaped design, which is beautiful in appearance and has the function of lighter desks and chairs.


Hand handle of plastic-steel desk and chair


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