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DZXJ-001 School Learning Desk

DZXJ-001 School Learning Desk

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Create a desk for all-round children's education protection with your heart. [Doctor Youcheng] I hope every school can use healthy study desks and chairs! Ph.D. Success-15 years of intensive research just to make a good set of school desks and chairs.

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Product details

Doctoral school desks and chairs, professional multifunctional modern desks and chairs, can be lifted and tilted easily.
The tables and chairs of the doctoral school are made of 18MM polka dot board, which is scratch-resistant and easy to clean, and has two-color arc edge banding. The chair surface is made of brand-new PP engineering plastic, which is molded in one step. The hardware table and chair frame is made of 30*70*1.2mm elliptical pipe with columns, the anchor is made of high-quality hardware paint, and the foot cover is made of imported PP engineering plastic by injection molding.
The chair is lifted by hand, which breaks the traditional knob and is more convenient and practical.



Dr. Youcheng has a large-scale modern production plant with strong production strength.

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