Cheer for students and escort their dreams. The "612 youth three defense Learning Fund" has been officially launched!

Brand information  |  2022-05-13 20:30:32


The myopia rate of teenagers and children in China has always been high. We can see many children wearing glasses, whether in or outside school, which has seriously affected the physical and mental health of children. At the same time, in 2018, the state officially released the implementation plan for the comprehensive prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents, taking the prevention of myopia in children as the national development strategic goal.
Dr Youcheng actively responds to the national call
Dr. Youcheng actively responded to national policies, actively assumed social responsibilities, and took practical actions to create a healthy learning environment for children to fight for a bright and healthy future. To this end, in June 2019, Dr. Youcheng invested 10million to establish the "612 youth three prevention Learning Fund". This is to practice the public welfare culture of Dr. Youcheng products and fulfill social responsibilities. It is also the embodiment of Dr. Youcheng's enterprise values. Dr. Youcheng has been taking action to enable more children to use a healthier and more scientific learning table.
Dr. Youcheng's "612 youth three prevention Learning Fund" award ceremony was a wonderful moment
In order to encourage users to "learn successfully and become doctors", give back to new and old users who have become doctors, and reward the students who study hard in the cold window to win the three good students, Dr. Youcheng launched 10million "612 youth three prevention Learning Fund", solicited and used Dr. Youcheng learning desks and chairs, and rewarded users who have won the three good students.
Dr. Youcheng "612 youth three prevention Learning Fund" was officially launched
The objects of the fund's awards are:
The first issue in 2019: [June 12 to July 12] bought a table and chair set and obtained three good student users;
The second phase in 2020: [June 2-june 12] Buy desk and chair sets (or buy a coupon of 6.12 yuan and buy a desk and chair set within one year), and get three good student users;
The third issue in 2021: [May 29 June 20] bought a table and chair set and obtained three good student users;
Users who meet the reward conditions of the above three-phase fund, please fill in the relevant information before May 15, 2022, and conduct the corresponding award after being reviewed and approved by the headquarters.
1. If it is not submitted in time, it will be deemed as giving up the current award.
2. Each child can only receive one prize~
3. Please rest assured to fill in the following information truthfully. All information is only used for the review of Dr. Youcheng headquarters and the corresponding awards.
Please scan the QR code below to submit information!
Help a seedling, accumulate a spring,
Help a schoolboy, win a piece of hope!
As a warm learning table brand, Dr. Youcheng has always adhered to the concept of "caring for the healthy development of children". While developing, he does not forget to practice his social responsibility. Every year, he will invest a lot of time to help the disabled and children, help the poor, and do his best to donate to subsidize learning!
Doctor Youcheng cares for children's healthy development
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