Doctor has the 18th anniversary sports meeting to create a win-win situation and love!

Brand information  |  2022-05-21 09:58:33

In order to celebrate the 18th anniversary of the founding of Dr. Youcheng company, improve corporate cohesion and brand reputation, and create a harmonious and friendly family atmosphere for Dr. Youcheng. From May 20, 2022 to the 18th anniversary of the establishment of the company, Dr. Youcheng group held a sports meeting for the employees of the whole plant. The sports meeting was held in combination with the site conditions of the company and the existing activity facilities, and was carried out with easy to understand, easy to learn and highly participatory sports, including tug of war, relay race, table tennis, badminton and basketball.


The hardships of climbing brought double happiness. At 9:30 a.m., all the participating staff and cheering audience came to the sports venue one after another. When Liu Xianbing, the chief referee of the games and general manager of the marketing center, announced the official start of the games, the whole stadium immediately became boiling, especially the table tennis, badminton and basketball games held in the morning, and the cheers of the staff came and went.



The tug of war and relay race in the afternoon are projects that test teamwork. All employees are also rubbing their hands and showing no weakness. In order to achieve better results, they tried their best and never gave up even if they failed. They took firm steps to deal with their goals and worked hard again and again. This spirit of constantly surpassing ourselves is everyone's great wealth, and it is also the solid foundation stone for us to accompany Dr. Youcheng farther and farther.




For this sports meeting, all employees of Dr. Youcheng enthusiastically signed up and participated with their hearts. Nearly 100 employees participated in the competition. Before the game, everyone worked hard to prepare. During the competition, they fought bravely and tenaciously, achieved excellent results and won honors for all departments. The sportsmanship of being unwilling to fall behind, being enterprising, and being united and cooperative shown by all the participating employees in the competition all shows the excellent quality that doctors have adults deep in their souls.


In the one-day sports meeting, many champions emerged, but no matter how the contestants ranked, they all received the praise and encouragement of the audience, and the cheerleading team cheered higher and higher! Of course, the healthy and orderly participation of everyone is also inseparable from the serious responsibility of the company's logistics personnel. They stick to their posts so that all employees can fully experience the happiness brought by the games.
In the evening, the chairman presented a commemorative ceremony for the 18th anniversary of Dr. Youcheng to all employees and took a group photo as a souvenir. After the group photo, the company arranged a dinner for all employees in the open-air garden of the headquarters. During the banquet, Mr. Wang Honggui, chairman of Dr. Youcheng, delivered an important speech and presented bonuses and trophies / medals to the employees who won the ranking in the games.




The chairman stressed: first of all, I want to thank all employees for their trust and support for Dr. Youcheng. The 18-year journey witnessed the growth, progress and development of Dr. Youcheng. Today's doctor Youcheng has developed into an important enterprise in China's learning table industry. We will always be grateful! We should also be grateful to the society, which has given us the opportunity and environment for survival and development; Thanks to the customers, it is the customers who chose Dr. Youcheng, helped us expand the market with wise choices, and provided us with orders, which made Dr. Youcheng successfully win the market in the learning table industry. I hope all our staff can continue to give Dr. Youcheng more support and help in the future, and help us grow rapidly in this industry! Create more brilliance!


This sports meeting drew a perfect end in a lot of laughter. We have reason to believe that after the baptism of sweat, the distance between our hearts has taken another step! We are looking forward to the next anniversary sports meeting to be more exciting, and we are also looking forward to the success of Dr. to be prosperous and better, and we are looking forward to the arrival of the 20th and even the 100th anniversary!


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