Strength brands bloom across borders; Dr. Youcheng made a wonderful appearance in Vietnam "Vietnam construction international exhibition 2022"!

Brand information  |  2022-06-23 15:22:30
As a warm learning table brand, Dr. Youcheng has always been committed to "creating a more scientific and comfortable learning environment for children" since its establishment.
All doctors, including adults, also treat others by themselves, with the original intention of creating products for their children, output more professional, safer and higher quality children's learning tables and chairs with higher quality requirements and manufacturing standards, so as to protect the healthy growth of children.


For 18 years, Dr. Youcheng has been deeply engaged in children's study of the table and chair industry. He has always adhered to the persistence of product quality, insisted on making things with heart, won the praise of the industry and consumers with product quality, and has been exported to many countries overseas! From June 22 to 26, 2022, it appeared in the "2022 Yuejian International Exhibition". With higher quality, more attentive details, more professional technology and the love of adults, more children all over the world can enjoy the healthy learning environment brought by professional children's learning desks and chairs.


Excellent products will not be shackled by space. Dr. Youcheng hopes to guide children to prevent myopia, correct sitting posture and experience the happiness of healthy learning through the product design of the learning table.
As a prestigious international brand exhibition in Vietnam, 2022 Vietnam International Exhibition has attracted countless industry insiders and exhibitors from all over the world.


On the day of the exhibition, the scene was in good order. Under the guidance of the staff, the exhibition customers entered the exhibition orderly in batches. The booth where Dr. Youcheng was located was crowded with people. People kept consulting the learning table industry, and others wanted to buy learning tables, which also showed that the children's learning table industry had exploded, and the overseas market had also entered a blowout stage.


The exhibition site was very lively, with people coming and going in an endless stream. Vietnamese tourists are attracted by Dr. Youcheng's products, and they all ask for details in the hall. More tourists come from other places, aiming at Dr. Youcheng. After arriving at the scene, he spoke highly of Dr. Youcheng's products and let children experience Dr. Youcheng's products.


//Build a brand with attentive service//
A strong youth makes a strong country, and a rich youth makes a rich country. Only by keeping children away from myopia and hunchback can children be more confident in life; Having a strong body is an important guarantee for creating a better future. The doctor never forgets his original intention when he is successful, keeps his mission firmly in mind, and is committed to creating a healthy learning environment for children, developing good learning habits, avoiding myopia and hunchback, and letting children have a bright world and a tall and straight posture.


Also for the healthy growth of children, Dr. Youcheng strictly controls every link of production and production, and looks for experts everywhere to explore the scientific theory of children's development, and finally develops the "Three Prevention posture learning system", hoping to effectively protect the vision and spine health of teenagers, so that every child can grow up healthily.
As a warm learning table brand, Dr. Youcheng has always adhered to the concept of "caring for the healthy development of children". While developing, he does not forget to practice his social responsibility. Every year, he will invest a lot of time to help the disabled and children, help the poor, and do his best to donate to subsidize learning!

With the spirit of returning to the society and illuminating life with love, the company always adheres to the concept of sustainable development of enterprise development and social responsibility. In the future, Dr. Youcheng will use more energy, higher standards, better products and more comprehensive public welfare activities to pass on his love, do his best to give back to the society and make more consumers more satisfied.

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