The new reason is that the amount of mutual promotion is always there, and the quality of cohesion is always there--- Dr. Ji Youcheng group mobilization meeting in July

Brand information  |  2022-07-04 14:36:35

At the end of the first half of 2022, in order to strengthen the group's brand quality awareness, implement the work plan for the second half of the year, and achieve the company's strategic development goals, on the morning of July 4, Dr. Youcheng group held a monthly mobilization meeting for all employees in the multi-functional conference Hall of the headquarters to summarize the work of the first half of the year and make arrangements for the work of the second half of the year. All employees attended the meeting, and the heads of all departments were on stage to publicize and communicate.


At 7:30 a.m., before the beginning of the conference, Fu leiming, the group's executive vice president, presided over the formation. In a few minutes, the formation process reflected the doctor's good organizational discipline and strong team cohesion.
Then, vice president Fu read out the latest announcement of the group, clarifying the general policy of Dr. Youcheng group on employee compensation publicity, and demonstrating the group's care for employees and the principle of fairness, impartiality and openness with practical actions. Vice President Fu advocated that all the brothers and sisters of the doctor's family should cherish the doctor's family. In the current situation of the epidemic, the external environment is closed, layoffs and salary cuts. Cherishing the doctor's family has become a stable platform for us to reflect on our own shortcomings, work hard in a down-to-earth manner, and look forward to everyone's growth and progress in the doctor's family.


Then, the host of the conference, Dr. Wang Ge, assistant to the chairman of Youcheng group, came to the stage to deliver the opening speech, reviewed the major events of June, talked about the theme, purpose and ideas of the conference, summarized the work of the first half of the year, and clarified the relevant matters of the second half of the year.


At the meeting, Zhang Yuyuan, the director of Zhongda factory, made a summary report on the production and sales in the first half of this year, and said that "in order to fully ensure the company's peak season production, the factory will go all out to solve the difficulties and problems existing in the production process, achieve rapid production response, product quality standards, ensure the completion of production tasks, and hand over a satisfactory answer for the company".


Then, director Wang Xiaodong of Youcheng plant Department summarized the daily management, production, safety and other aspects of June. Director Wang said, "the production target in June was perfectly achieved, but product quality is the primary premise for us to achieve the output value target. Inject life into products, and products will live in the market. Survive with quality, develop with quality, and benefit from quality."


Then, Jia Yongqiang, acting director of the delivery center and quality control manager of Zhongda, once again emphasized the relevant matters about product quality, and gave advice in simple terms: ensure quality in research and development, ensure quality in production, and ensure quality in testing.


Ding chongjia, vice president of the group and director of OEM management center, summarized the customer situation in the first half of the year, and pointed out that all employees must keep the quality standard in the second half of the year. Products are the company's image and the guarantee of the company's continuous development! President Ding stressed: "every doctor and adult should always adhere to the production management goal of high standards and excellent quality, and ensure that every product produced is a product that consumers can use at ease, so that every product can become our pride and glory!"


Then, director Zhang awarded bonuses to the management personnel who had outstanding performance in Zhongda's production / management / cooperation services in June.


Factory director Wang awarded bonuses to the management personnel who had outstanding performance in the production / management / cooperation service work in June.


Then, Dr. Youcheng group company fully affirmed the achievements of various functional departments in the work in June, and vice president Fu gave awards to the management representatives who achieved the goals and made outstanding contributions.


Liu Xianbing, vice president of the group and general manager of the marketing center, awarded the marketing center an award for achieving the goal of opening a store.


Finally, President Liu made a mobilization report: first of all, I thanked all the employees for their efforts and contributions, no matter in R & D, production, quality, marketing, brand, administration, everyone can see their efforts. We are a united group. Our whole company is like a big machine. Everyone is like a part of the machine. Everyone has his position and role. Reviewing the work of the first half of the year and looking forward to the development of the second half of the year, we should constantly improve ourselves in order to grow. Only with the professional ability to keep pace with the times, a humble attitude, and a high sense of safety, can we do everything well and serve every customer well! It is hoped that all employees will cheer up, abide by the oath and start a new journey of hard work.


The convening of this mobilization meeting ignited the enthusiasm of all employees of Dr. Youcheng to work hard and create brilliance again, and laid a solid foundation for Dr. Youcheng to operate steadily and achieve high-quality development in the second half of the year.


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