Xifeng Jinding is expected to become a doctor in the future. The capping ceremony of Huizhou smart Industrial Park was successfully completed!

Brand information  |  2022-07-10 10:28:14

After hundreds of days and nights of meticulous work, on July 10, Dr. Youcheng Huizhou smart Industrial Park held a capping ceremony in Boluo County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. The ceremony was simple and grand. The crowd surged on the scene, and the colored flags fluttered. Amid the lively and festive salutes and firecrackers, Dr. Youcheng group ushered in a moment of special significance. All managers of the company attended the capping ceremony to witness this historic moment.


Huizhou smart Industrial Park is a strategic investment of Dongguan Dr. Youcheng Furniture Co., Ltd. the project will serve as the key strategic fulcrum of Dr. Youcheng brand operation center and empower the development of Dr. Youcheng brand.


At the capping ceremony, Mr. wanghonggui, chairman of Dr. Youcheng group, delivered a speech: "Dr. Youcheng is an 18-year-old brand, which has been committed to promoting the development of children's healthy learning desks and chairs and working hard to improve children's learning environment. Under the current national economic double cycle development pattern, Dr. Youcheng is accelerating the digital upgrading of enterprises. The completion of Huizhou smart Industrial Park is an important guarantee for the quality and productivity of Dr. Youcheng's products, which is of great significance to Dr. Youcheng group!"


Chairman Wang analyzed the current severe situation and made strategic arrangements to strengthen the implementation of the work and improve the initiative and consciousness of the work. As long as everyone thinks and works hard in one place, the goal will be fully achieved. It is hoped that the construction unit will continue to carry forward the spirit of fighting hard to win, further tighten the quality control, strengthen safety management, speed up the construction progress, and ensure the successful acceptance and delivery of Huizhou smart Industrial Park.




This year marks the 18th anniversary of the founding of Dr. Youcheng. In the past 18 years, Dr. Youcheng has initially independently explored a business model integrating research, production, marketing and service in China's health learning table industry. With the innovative spirit of self-improvement, he visited spine experts at home and abroad, collected data and concentrated on research and development, and finally developed the "three defense posture learning system".


The company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "customer first, forge ahead", adhered to the "quality-oriented" as the center, and always adhered to the principle of "integrity management, reputation first". To provide our customers with quality services.


Over the past 18 years, we have been through trials and tribulations. The continuous polishing and innovation of products is only to create a more scientific and comfortable learning environment for children. With years of accumulated industry experience and technical precipitation, Dr. Youcheng also participated in the drafting and formulation of the national standard of ergonomic requirements for healthy homes Part 4: Children's tables and chairs, and contributed his knowledge and strength to the standardization and development of the industry.


The holding of this capping ceremony marks that Dr. Youcheng Huizhou production base has entered the final stage, and the company will face new opportunities and challenges in the future.



Love craftsmanship and build a beautiful journey; Xifeng Jinding, create a brilliant chapter!
Dr. Youcheng will continue to carry forward the service concept and innovative spirit of ingenuity and intelligent manufacturing, help happy learning and healthy growth, enhance their own R & D capabilities, upgrade core technologies, and pay attention to social children's public welfare activities, so as to make greater contributions to the healthy and sustainable development of the learning table industry! We are looking forward to it. Dr. Youcheng will shine here and offer the most perfect quality and service to customers!
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