Bsuc 48th elite special training camp, build the strongest team!

Brand information  |  2022-07-13 17:06:08
There is always a force for us to forge ahead, and there is always a spirit for us to accumulate and make thin hair. Here, we gather together to constantly learn, review the past and know the new!
In order to build a better terminal marketing team, on July 12, Dr. Youcheng's 48th elite special training camp (Chengdu) training conference brought together the families of Dr. Youcheng dealers in cities near the southwest area to discuss business plans for the second half of 2022 in Chengdu.
Elites with successful doctors, today we gather together to share children's learning table, blue ocean market, a group of people, one thing, a lifetime, win together!


In today's market, the homogenization of products is serious, competition is fierce, and supply exceeds demand. Under various pressures, dealers inevitably have many concerns.
The training can improve the business level of dealers and help establish the coordination and tacit understanding between dealers and manufacturers.
Dealers control the sales terminal and better understand the personal needs of consumers and the sales trend of products. These require close cooperation between dealers and manufacturers to reach the level of arm and finger, so as to improve the service and responsiveness to the market and take the initiative in the marketing process.


At the beginning of the training, Dr. Youcheng's family gathered in Chengdu to learn and grow. At the beginning of the training, Liu Xianbing, vice president of Dr. Youcheng group and general manager of the marketing center, who was unable to visit the scene in person due to the epidemic, addressed everyone through online live broadcast and generously shared with you the ups and downs of Dr. Youcheng along the way. A wonderful speech inspired Dr. Youcheng to move forward as an adult.


President Liu said that in order to cope with the market environment under the epidemic, we organized and planned this training, which promoted the development of the group and gave a boost to offline dealers. In the next training, each of us should constantly improve ourselves in order to grow. Only with the professional ability to keep pace with the times, a humble attitude, a high sense of safety, can we do everything well and serve every customer well. We hope that the dealer's shopping guide family can cheer up, abide by the oath, and start a new journey of hard work with the momentum of decisive battle.




Then the host of Chengdu elite training meeting delivered a speech, welcoming doctors and families to gather in Chengdu to learn and grow together. I believe that after this training, everyone will make great progress, let's create brilliance together!


Later, several tutors of Chengdu business school gave training on terminal transaction skills. They were full of dry goods, and there were bursts of applause on the scene.




At the learning site, the tutors turned the difficult sales theory into simple and easy to understand practical skills.
An interactive discussion session was set up on the site. All students were grouped to ask questions and discuss PK with each other. The dealer's family members actively participated in the scene, and the atmosphere was very warm.




Let's water the ideal flowers with hot pillows, let's concentrate on reviewing the past and knowing the new. Here, we are in the prime of life and proud of all the heroes.
Let's witness who is the king of the "most popular team" of the elite special training camp of Chengdu Railway Station!
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